Electrodes for Fuel Cells, Batteries, and Electrolyzers

Our Innovation: Electrospinning particle/binder fibers with a very high particle content, where the fiber mat electrode has inter-fiber and intra-fiber porosity. Electrode design can accommodate different binders (charged or uncharged) and different nm-size powders (Si for Li-ion battery anodes and PtCo/C for fuel cell cathodes.)

  Bipolar Membranes

Our Innovation: Using dual fiber electrospinning to create a 3D junction of interpenetrating and interlocking fibers of anion-exchange polymer and cation-exchange polymer.

   Reinforced/Composite Cation-Exchange and Anion-Exchange Membranes

Our Innovation: Dual fiber electrospinning of ionomer and uncharged or minimally charged reinforcing polymer fibers. The ionomer and support polymer are simultaneously electrospun, with post-electrospinning hot- pressing steps to melt the ionomer around supporting polymer fibers or melt the supporting polymer around ionomer fibers.